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Here's the place to describe your project: data, glass, text, delivery date and everything else. Or if this form doesn't fit, drop an email and we'll figure it out.

Pricing is $120 for design setup (this may be higher if the design is unusually complex), plus the cost of glass as below. If you'd like more glass with the same design later, the setup charge doesn't repeat.


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If it's a protein a Pymol session is ideal, or PDB, MOL, CIF, ChimeraX, etc. are fine too. For other types of 3D data, we can work with many file formats including OBJ, VRML, CSV list of points...just about any open format.
There's a 20MB limit on uploads, if your file is larger please email.

Notes on how you'd like your protein or data to look? If you've uploaded a Pymol session complete with orientation and styling, feel free to skip this.

Maybe an image showing the viewpoint and look? This isn't needed if you sent a Pymol session, otherwise it can be useful.

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Some common protein styles:


Arrows and helices.


A line for each bond, fat or thin.

Ball and stick

Ball and stick
All atoms and bonds, great for small molecules.


Tracing α-carbons works well for large structures.

Nucleic acids

Nucleic acids
Many style options for these.

Molecular surface

Molecular surface
A beautiful accent on part or all of a molecule.

An inscription can be etched in the glass with the structure. How much text fits depends on the glass size, a few words to a few lines is usual. If you'd like a font or style, or an image, just say so and we'll follow up. Your text:

One inscription is free with a design. If you have several pieces with the same structure and different texts, there'll be a small charge for each additional text.

The Voyager probe, in a 60mm cube with title.

Glass size

Here are some popular shapes, there are others if needed. All can be used in portrait or landscape orientation, and we can advise on what will suit your structure best.

Add a light base

These display stands are bright enough for daytime in the office. They're solid wood, black satin finish with white LEDs and an on-off switch. They come with US wall plugs, or can be powered by USB.

light base with cube, on vs. off

(If you prefer a battery-powered base, this looks nice with an 80 or 100mm cube.)


Just one is fine, there are small price breaks at 3, 25, and 100. Over 100 pieces let's talk, we may need extra lead time to stock the glass.

Production Time

We'll review this project by . If your deadline is short, we'll do our best to look sooner.
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Fedex Ground shipping takes 1 to 5 days in the US and Canada. Our glass ships from Memphis, Tennessee.

For most other countries Priority Mail takes 10-12 business days, or Express Mail 6-10 business days. There may be delays and/or customs fees which we can't predict or control.

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Cube $60 x 1

Square Base $28 x 1
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